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COE Documents Workshop 2

Workshop 2: Local and regional governments in the age of Europeanisation and globalisation: legal and policy options in a multi-level polity

a. Recommendation by the Committee of Ministers

Rec(2007)12 on capacity building at local and regional level
Rec (2004) 12 on the processes of reform of boundaries and/or structure of local and regional authorities

Rec (98) 12 on supervision of local authorities' action

Rec (96) 12 on the distribution of powers and responsibilities between central authorities and local and regional authorities with regard to the environment

Rec (95) 19 on the implementation of the principle of subsidiarity

b. Reports:

Local authority competences in Europe (2008)

Good practices in intermunicipal co-operation in Europe (2008)

Report on European practice And recent developments in the field of regional self-government (2008) 

The relationship between central and local authorities (2008)

Administrative and territorial reforms creating territorial communities or authorities at different levels(2002)

Institutional dialogue between the state, regions, local authorities and their associations (2002)

Relationship between the size of local and regional authorities and their effectiveness and economy of their action (2002)

Liability of local elected representatives for acts or omissions in the course of their duties (1999) 

Supervision and auditing of local authorities' action (1999) 

Regionalisation and its effects on local self-government (1998) 

The legal status and employment conditions of local authorities' staff in the countries of central and eastern Europe (1997)

Environment and local and regional authorities (1996)

The status of major cities and their peripherie (1996)

The size of municipalities, efficiency and citizen participation (1995)

Major cities and their peripheries - co-operation and co-ordinated management (1993)

Decentralisation and the strengthening of local self-government: Reports and conclusions of the colloquy held in Cracow (13-14 April 1992) (1992)

Status and working conditions of local and regional elected representatives - Basic principles (1992) 

See also the general section of Relevant COE Documents.